Friday, February 5, 2016

Persevering Through Procrastination

Smiley, Happy Bear
Well here we go with my first official post.  I had trouble thinking about what I could talk about and I thought...knitting...good!  Lily...gooder!  Knitting AND Lily....GOODEST!

I have been working on a sweater for Lily for A LONG TIME!!!!

I tried a new pattern and it was different than sweaters I made for her before, particularly the arm and neck section!  I am glad it has been so warm this winter and we have not had to worry about piling on the layers because Lily is missing a sweater!

Just has to be sewn together....for real
Is there ever a project or a time in your life when a project is so close to being finished but there are obstacles in the way?

Life is funny like that.  We get close to the end goal and then get stuck!  I have found that, at times, my procrastination in life seems to be the most prevalent when I have just a little bit to go.  This sweater is a good example, but it often happens at work or with other creative projects I have going on at the same time!

As you can see, Lily is clearly weighed down by life's problems!
How do I combat this?  

First I panic, then I pray! I know, not the best order of business, but it is how I roll!

God said, "Don't worry about anything, but pray about everything." 

This is my LIFE verse. I am anxious by nature and if I don't keep myself on myself to pray then I tend to yield to fear and anxiety!
I have learned to combat my anxiety and fear I need to pray and plan!

My process is this: 
1.  Idea or reminder comes into brain
2.  Prioritize the idea - Do I deal with it now?  Or later?
3.  Deal with it RIGHT THEN or write it down
4.  List Steps needed to get it DONE
5.  Decide Next Step
6.  DO that NEXT STEP

Now what does this have to do with that sweater?

I need a plan to FINISH that sweater!  I need to set my next step and a time to complete it!

Here are some questions to consider:

What is going on in your life that may be weighing you down?  What burden are you carrying that you just can't seem to unload?

What is your plan?

What is your next step?

There is hope!  Marathons are won with a series of little steps!

Lily asks, "Mama, you make a sweater for me?"  I respond, "Soon, Baby, Soon!"
We just have to take the first one!!!

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  1. Cute pics! I like that you wrote down your process. I have for a long time written down the things that I want to do or accomplish, so that I can seemingly get them off my mind and stop fretting about them. However, I often fail to take the next step(s) that need to be taken to meet that goal. Oh the life of a procrastinator.