Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tutorial - Make a No-Sew DPN Cozy

I like to knit socks concurrently on two sets of double pointed needles (DPNs), and needed a couple of DPN cozies to keep the stitches safely on the needles when not in use.  There are patterns available for sewn cozies, or you can buy cozies on Etsy in a variety of cute fabrics, but I wanted something quick, easy, and right now.

I figured out how to make a no sew version, and thought I would share how I did it on our blog.
Scrounged around in my craft room, I found supplies to make a set of no-sew felt cozies.  

Some of the benefits of this style are:  
  • felt can be cut without unraveling (unlike fabric)
  •  no finishing is needed (although a needle felted design would be a nice touch)
  •  the felted texture holds the needles securely (no need to sew up the ends of the case)
  • extra needles can be poked through the felt for safe keeping
  • they took only minutes to make!

Supplies needed:
  • Thick felt
  • Denim buttons (the no sew snap on version)
  • Cutting tool - scissors or rotary cutter
  • Fiber for needle felting (optional) 

Step one ~ measure your needles and cut felt a in a rectangle a bit longer than the needles

 Step two ~ insert denim buttons 1/2" up from bottom, and 1" from outside edges

Step three ~ mark placement of holes, and cut small slits (approx 1/2" long)
on opposite edge of buttons for buttonholes.

Step four (optional) ~ needle felt a design on front of cozy
I felted a flower garden on one....

and a butterfly on the other

Step five  ~ use needle or awl to poke a double set of holes
in back of lower button portion of cozy to hold extra needle(s)

Step six ~ lay your DPN project  in case, and close buttons

You are ready to go....
These work marvelously to keep knitting safe on the needles. 

Have knitting, will travel!

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